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Update - Closure of St Stephen's AIDS Trust

After thirty years of research in the field of HIV/AIDS, the Trustees’ of St. Stephen’s AIDS Trust (SSAT) have decided to wind down SSAT and therefore also the subsidiary company St. Stephen’s Clinical Research (SSCR).


We take our responsibilities around patient safety and our duties as a charity very seriously.  With regards to the PrEP Impact trial, the staff at SSAT/SSCR is currently working to ensure a seamless transfer of Sponsorship to Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust. This means that legal responsibility and management of the trial would move from SSAT/SSCR to Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust on the 2nd July 2018.

There will be no impact for current or potential trial participants and trial sites. Any amendments will be administrative between SSAT/SSCR and Chelsea and Westminster. If already enrolled on the trial, all participants will be able to continue to access PrEP and attend their follow-up visits.


We would like to thank Chelsea and Westminster for their ongoing support and have every confidence that the trial will continue to succeed under its Sponsorship.

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